Autumn here.

I feel removed from the holiday coming up – Halloween. While I have a handle on autumn, time itself feels fluid and not as… hard-coded, for lack of a better term. It’s an odd feeling, and I find myself thinking much farther ahead, to spring and summer of next year, rather than focusing on the here and now.

That said, when I AM in the here and now, so to speak, I am finding it beautiful here.


I don’t recall having as much time to enjoy the autumn season and I’m trying to take it in as much as I can. Part of that is in running at the park. While I haven’t run as much as I should – certainly not as much as someone who is supposed to be running the marathon next month, I am getting the occasional run in. The next run is this afternoon after work. Theoretically, it’s going to be whatever I can squeeze into 2 hours. Hopefully, it’ll be 15 miles or more.