New acro partner

I’ve been working with someone new: Alice

Nice lines...

Nice lines…

I’ve been working with her since the second week of February. She’s very flexible, though not quite yet to the point of contortionist. However, she needs to be much stronger – a fact she’s all too aware. She IS only 17, so the strength will come as long as she’s consistent.
And you know what? She HAS been consistent. I’ve actually been pretty pleased with her so far. Nervous too. A girl so young… She says she wants this badly enough to take it as far as possible, but I’m finding it difficult to believe she can stay committed for so long.
Part of it too, is that I still don’t know her too well. Yet.
Anyway, she already has a gig lined up for us. She came to me a couple of weeks ago to ask, almost timidly, about doing something at the community arts center (where she works). She was already going to do an aerials routine there, but she thought we might do something together.
“When? July? Yeah, we can probably put something together by then…”
I’ve long had in mind the possibility of putting a mixed routine together. I don’t know how she is in the air so I’ll need to see that, and then see how we can mesh the two.
I can almost guarantee she’ll be as good as Erica was, in the next few months. Maybe even a little beyond that. How much stronger she gets, is what will determine how much farther she’ll get. That, and how well we can bond together. We’re already getting a feel for each other so things will be progressing quickly until her strength becomes the sole issue.

I admit to being cautiously optimistic. She stands easily on my shoulders, and she’s not too bad about balancing on my head either. When she can do handstands better, I think we’ll do well.


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