So about my accident….

I had a bit of a setback a couple of weeks ago.
I was taking the course to get my motorcycle license, and all was going pretty well.
The bike I was initially riding was a red Buell, and it’s clutch was touchy as hell.

However, it finally decided not to start at one point, so I was given a much nicer bike to work with:

By the end of the day, I was feeling pretty good about working with it. The next day however, I was given the red one to work with again. It was okaaay, but I REALLY liked the yellow one. Oh well.

We were working on the very last thing – sudden stops and was doing okay up until the very last time out. I hadn’t completely disengaged the clutch when I tried to slam the front brake on. The back tire started slipping, then my right hand slipped off the brake onto the throttle, pouring more power to the rear tire, so I didn’t just go down – I got slammed down. I felt something snap in my lower leg as I hit the ground, and then the bike landed on it. (Everyone thinks it was the bike that broke it, but it was being slammed onto the asphalt that did it.)
Lots of pain, but nothing I didn’t expect as I lay there. Chuck (the instructor) cautioned me to lay still for a bit, as he and the others picked the bike up. I tried wiggling my toes, but it was hard to figure out if they were moving through the pain. I THOUGHT they were moving… I saw my boot moving, and the pain remained consistent so maybe it was just going to be a really bad bruise.
“I think I’m okay…” They all grabbed me and lifted me up to my feet. “Check this out! I think I’m good! And leaned on the injured leg, slowly adding weight… “Ta-daa!” I was able to stand on it. Then I lifted it up and flexed and pointed the foot as best I could with the boot on, and though I felt some grinding, I thought it was okay. Lee was dead-set against taking the boot off, and I agreed, I would definitely wait.
We broke for lunch, Chuck saying if I didn’t think I could do the test, or if I wasn’t comfortable taking it after lunch, we could work something out.
But after driving to the nearest pharmacy to take care of the abrasions (Lee did a bang-up job!) I was ready! Sure I was in some pain, but it was manageable.
I was given another bike, this one in even worse shape than the red one (which was leaking gasoline and not at all drivable now), and constantly stalled.
BUT, I still passed my test!

Then we went to the hospital.

Yeah, I DID break something. Whoops. The hospital put a splint on, and a couple of days later, an orthopedist replaced it with a cast.

Ten days later, I was back in, and the doctor was a little surprised at my range of motion, as well as how well the bone had mended. He still wanted the cast on for another couple of weeks, and then he’ll replace it with a boot as I regain the bone’s strength.

To be blunt, it hasn’t really stopped me too much. I go to the gym, and still take classes, even though I’m being careful not to land on my cast foot.

I’m also keeping it all very simple so far.

Baby stuff, as Lin would call it. But it’s keeping me involved, and I think that’s important. The bone gets stronger every day, and I’m even putting more weight on it, periodically.

(I was only shifting the weight from foot to foot.)

At the moment, it almost feels like I could go without the cast, but I’m not complaining too much about it yet.